Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is an in-depth look at a house and its structural, mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems that provides details on how energy is used and how energy consumption could be reduced. The object is not only to save money but also to make a house more comfortable and improve indoor-air quality. Even relatively new houses often benefit from having a home energy audit completed.

Audits are designed to track down problems that range from a lack of insulation and leaky windows to inefficient heating and cooling equipment. We use thermal imaging equipment to assist in finding & detailing potential issues. Problems that are identified can be fixed.

Our goal is to provide you with as much information possible about how your home is inefficiently using energy and give to solutions on what can be done to resolve the issues. We (unlike other energy auditors) do not try and sell you other products and services. We just simply want to give you valuable information and have you decide how to move forward with improvement projects.